About Us

Our team

We are industry veterans with many successes (and some failures) behind us.  We have advised on over $500m of invested capital, $1bn of licensing revenues and hundreds of transactions.  Our footprint is as large as it needs to be, with access to a worldwide network of expert associates.

Our clients

We work with companies and investors on projects that typically have urgency and material impact. This has included business and competitive strategy, IP strategy, financing, mergers and acquisitions, management buy outs, and asset monetisation and sale.  Often with smaller companies we provide the "last mile" between strategy and the PE/VC community.

Our value proposition

Our clients typically hire us for challenging projects where a square peg won't do.  In these mandates we bring to bear our interdisciplinary skill set, creativity and the hands-on engagement of our Founders to make things happen.  Our deep understanding of intangible assets allows us to analyse and reframe business problems in non-intuitive ways and in doing so generate creative and effective outcomes for our clients.

What We Do

Growth, Competition and Exit


We help our clients generate operational leverage from intangible assets to drive enterprise value.

Monetisation of Intangible Assets


We develop and implement strategies to drive revenue from intangible assets.

Due Diligence and Restructuring


We clarify the contextual value of intangible assets and where necessary recover it.

How We do it


Deep Bench

With backgrounds in investment banking, strategy consulting, law and scientific research our team brings a lot to the table.  Our back up includes hundreds of technical experts and one of the most experienced outsource partners in India.


Data Driven and Experiential Research

Deep Learning tools that cut the cost of effective due diligence and filter out the noise.  Human experience built over hundreds of projects in multiple industries and geographies.


Focus on Measurable Outcomes

Science projects are not our business.  Generating real monetary value from our engagements is.  We think like business people and investors.  Our work product and outcomes reflects this.

Who we are

Dr. Chris Donegan: London

20 years experience, Accenture, UBS Warburg, BSc. Ph.D Imperial College.  Ranked by Intellectual Asset Management as one of the worlds top IP strategists. Leads our business strategy and transactions practice and serves as a Partner at Hywin Wealth LLP, a private wealth management firm.

Matthew Vella: Newport Beach

20 years experience, Nortel, Acacia Research, BEng. JD Ranked by Intellectual Asset Management as one of the worlds top IP strategists.  Heads data analytics and patent valuation teams.  Leads our patent monetisation practice and serves as a Partner in the Law firm of Prince Lobel & Tye.

Johanna Dwyer: Boston

20 years experience, Blackberry, Saudi Aramco, BEng. MSc. MBA MIT Sloan Fellow, Ranked by Intellectual Asset Management as one of the worlds top IP strategists.  Prolific inventor with 145 worldwide granted patents and 351 worldwide patents pending. Expert in innovation ecosystems and open innovation and serves as CEO at QipWorks.

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